Tips for Apartment Living and Dogs Owners

Let’s face it, having a dog can make for a happy home. If you live an apartment, you may want to consider our Tips for Apartment Living and Dogs Owners before jumping into pet ownership.

Obviously you have to make sure your apartment complex allows the dogs and doesn’t have any restriction on various dog breeds. Most apartments provide a list of what is and isn’t allowed. Once you are sure that the dog you want to adopt is approved, you’re ready to begin the amazing experience of dog ownership.

Below we have provided some insightful tips you should be aware of.

Tip 1: Read The Fine Print

Most apartment complexes have rules pertaining to known aggressive dog breeds and what is and isn’t allowed. Before you pull the trigger on getting a dog, make sure you know the apartment complex rules.

Note: A good rule of thumb is to contact the apartment complex leasing office for rules and regulations pertaining to owning pets and what is and isn’t allowed.

Tip 2: Pet Deposit

Most apartments require a pet security deposit to cover misc expenses that may be incurred because of damage. The pet deposits are usually based on a yearly fee, but can also be a monthly fee.

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Tip 3: Size Matters

Dog breeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The smaller the apartment the more appropriate it is to get a smaller breed. A very large dog in a very small apartment simply doesn’t mix well.

Larger dogs, just because of their sheer size, can cause more damage to an apartment than smaller dogs. They also require more room to walk around and sleep.

Tip 4: Consider The Breed

Certain breeds of dogs are very high energy that need a lot of attention. Leaving them alone for long periods of time can spell trouble, especially for those breeds that like to chew. It’s best to consider more docile dog breeds.

Tip 5: Vaccinate Your Dog

Making sure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations is very important. Many apartments have dedicated dog parks and areas where dogs can gather. The shared spaces and close proximity can be a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria. Having your dog vaccinated, can prevent your dog from getting sick.

Tip 6: Schedule Time For Your Dog

Dogs like people need attention and need time to exercise. Schedule time for your dog every day to walk and play with them. There is a saying “A tired dog is a good dog.” Dogs that have too much downtime and are bored can get into trouble. They need to be exercised.

A good rule of thumb is to walk your dog at least 2 times a day for at least 30-45 minutes. For higher energy dogs they need more exercise and attention.

Tip 7: House Train Your Dog

It’s important to house train your dog. It will eliminate frustration that a dog owner may feel coming home to a stinky apartment or a wet floor. Living in an apartment means you will need to focus on house training your dog.

Tip 8: Dog Training

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and it’s important to establish proper training for apartment living. Signing up for a dog training class will not only help train your dog, but also help educate you on how to be a better dog owner.

Dog Training classes are great for puppies and new dog owners.

Tip 9: Join A Dog Meetup Group

Many meetup groups have formed around certain dog breeds. Pugs for instances have both pug rescue and pug meetup groups.

Not only is it fun to see your dog interact with other dogs of the same breed, you can often learn insightful information from other owners who own the same breed.

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Tip 10: Hire A Dog Walker

For those who have very busy schedules or work late hours, hiring a dog walker can ease your dogs needs and make coming home to your dog a much nicer experience.

For those who travel a lot or work non-consistent schedules, having access a dog walker is especially important.

Tip 11: Don’t Forget Your Neighbors

If you want to have a good relationship with your apartment neighbors, remember to be neighborly. Make sure to socialize your dog with both other dogs and people. If you know your dog is aggressive, make sure to keep it on a leash and always maintain control.

Tip 12: Think About Adopting Your Next Dog

Some of the best dogs have been adopted from shelters. If you have a pet adoption shelter near by, adoption is a great option for finding your next dog. Many shelter dogs have already been socialized, potty trained and just need a home to live in.